Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Handling 'Manusia Kurang Pembersih' Lovingly

I am sad to report about this news, unfortunately during my brunchner a.k.a breakfast+lunch+dinner with le coursemate just now, we accidentally having a little chit chat about the-so-called manusia pengotor or in a modest way, we called it manusia kurang pembersih. *This is the only modest name yang terlintas dalam kepala at this moment. Haha

Have you ever come across a person who has a really bad hygiene?
I'd met once during my school days. There's this one guy in my school who I swear must not bathe. I almost want to walk up and ask him if he knows what bath is. But, in the end I tak tanya pun. He would have died if i asked him. Hehe (i'm not trying to aibkan dia. Just for a lesson)

Generally, we often relate men with hygiene problems. Eh, I mean pengotor. Bila lelaki je, mesti pengotor. Bila pengotor je, mesti lelaki. Bukan semua lelaki, tapi segelintir. Tapi biasalah mentaliti orang melayu, kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. Kerana seorang yang pengotor, yang lain terpalit sama. :3

Somehow, only a few do realize perempuan pon ada juga yang pengotornya. (Ohmakjahh! I hope this is not true). Sometimes, if there's any of our girlfriends who had hygiene problem ni kita rasa serba salah dengan dia. Either wanna tell her or just let it be. Nak ditegur, takut tuan punya badan terasa hati. Tak ditegur, aku yang mati nanti.

Eh? So, how to handling this kind of person? Takkan nak biar je? Kau gila! :O

The most effective way I could think is by telling that person about his body odor. Say everything quietly and away from others, so he/she wouldn't be embarrassed. Maybe most of other people might cursed on what we did and kept going. But, for me. "Ada aku kesah?".

If and only if I told that guy about his body odor. Hmm....
*teringat kenangan silam

Moral of the story: Try to be considerate of others feeling when it comes to hygiene, while also try to give them small hints, so they can better themselves :)

"Cleanliness is a part of faith.."

Till then. Happy reading :)


  1. hai rumah baru
    datang dengan tujuan nak menyemakmakmakmak