Monday, 28 May 2012

'Freeze' Game

(homaigaddahhh! first entry aii ni tau nyah! *clapclapclap)

Yesterday, my little brother, Irsyad was like so excited telling me the 'Tag & Freeze' game he played at his school. And me, as his 'kaklong' yang mithali dan baik was trying hardly to give my best response on what he said :

"Oh, yeke? Oh, macam tu kee? Habis, siapa menang? Oh, kalah. Oh, oh and oh.. Bla bla bla.."

What in the world is 'freeze' game? Kalau freezer dekat side atas refrigerator tu, tahu lah. Jatuh air muka bila budak kecik tahu what 'freeze' game is and i yang currently taking degree ni taktahu (malu aii bedah!). So, I tanya my roomate, if she knows what it is. And she just simply geleng-geleng kepala. Once roomate dah geleng-geleng kepala, i started garu-garu kepala (it's not like my hair ada banyak kelemumur. siapa fikir macam tu, memang nak kena ketuk kepala dia. haha)

A few seconds passed by, "Ah, google je lah. Internet hari ni taklah sepondan mana. Speed pon boleh tahan laju."(fyi, internet connection UTP seems very slow macam snail recently. and i don't know why. sedih tahu, nama universiti punyalah berteknologi tapi internet dia... #facepalm)

School-aged kids are more complicated than us when it comes to games. And i've to admit. Haha. I tahu laa. I pernah jadi school kids for almost 7 years kot dulu. (angkat-angkat kening sikit. muehehhe)

"Okay, gotcha!"

'Freeze' game : You just moves around and do anything you want. Suka hati uolls. Iolls tak kisah. But the thing is, once the game 'taiko' said. "FREEZE!", you kena freeze. By hook or by crook. Who's moving will be eliminated.

"Okay. Baru faham."

And, i kinda remember, I'd play this before. Just maybe we do it in other ways. We're playing Treasure Hunt on that particular day. And, at each checkpoint, all the group members are compulsory to take a picture with their 'barang amanah' as an evidence that they're not cheating. The 'freeze' word is synchronize with the camera shots. Kah3. Serious merah padam muka macam udang bakar masa tu.

The balloon is our 'barang amanah' :))

[camera shots skek! lolllsss.]

* everybody looks soo joyouss even penat gila berlari ke hulu ke hilir cari checkpoint haha

*kumpulan mak dapat first place nyah!! Homaigaddd! Haha. (oh ye, ikhwan the blue shirt guy punya muka memang macam tuu pon. God's creation. muehehehe)

Till the end. Happy readings ...

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