Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Handling 'Manusia Kurang Pembersih' Lovingly

I am sad to report about this news, unfortunately during my brunchner a.k.a breakfast+lunch+dinner with le coursemate just now, we accidentally having a little chit chat about the-so-called manusia pengotor or in a modest way, we called it manusia kurang pembersih. *This is the only modest name yang terlintas dalam kepala at this moment. Haha

Have you ever come across a person who has a really bad hygiene?
I'd met once during my school days. There's this one guy in my school who I swear must not bathe. I almost want to walk up and ask him if he knows what bath is. But, in the end I tak tanya pun. He would have died if i asked him. Hehe (i'm not trying to aibkan dia. Just for a lesson)

Generally, we often relate men with hygiene problems. Eh, I mean pengotor. Bila lelaki je, mesti pengotor. Bila pengotor je, mesti lelaki. Bukan semua lelaki, tapi segelintir. Tapi biasalah mentaliti orang melayu, kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. Kerana seorang yang pengotor, yang lain terpalit sama. :3

Somehow, only a few do realize perempuan pon ada juga yang pengotornya. (Ohmakjahh! I hope this is not true). Sometimes, if there's any of our girlfriends who had hygiene problem ni kita rasa serba salah dengan dia. Either wanna tell her or just let it be. Nak ditegur, takut tuan punya badan terasa hati. Tak ditegur, aku yang mati nanti.

Eh? So, how to handling this kind of person? Takkan nak biar je? Kau gila! :O

The most effective way I could think is by telling that person about his body odor. Say everything quietly and away from others, so he/she wouldn't be embarrassed. Maybe most of other people might cursed on what we did and kept going. But, for me. "Ada aku kesah?".

If and only if I told that guy about his body odor. Hmm....
*teringat kenangan silam

Moral of the story: Try to be considerate of others feeling when it comes to hygiene, while also try to give them small hints, so they can better themselves :)

"Cleanliness is a part of faith.."

Till then. Happy reading :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Chasing the Silhouette

Salam. Hello the blinking earthlingss.

Today, programming class started early in the morning. I haven't been breakfast because to be honest, I feel like not to. Qila and Aten was asking either i want to join them for breakfast or not. But, i'm just not in the mood. *Geleng-geleng kepala and just passed by.

Sometimes, I forget that my life is not just about me, it's about somebody else.
Forgive me, Allah.

Thinking of going back to my hometown in JB on this becoming Agong's birthday.
(UTP cuti 4 hari kott! Sama panjang dengan cuti mid-sem break. Rugi kalau tak balik. Plus, angah is on school holiday now. Yippiayyee!)

I went for some silhouette shots with SabrinaMajid, the half-mixed Pakistinian girl. It had been a while.
*till then, i'll figuring out what makes me not in the mood today.

Have a good day :)

'Freeze' Game

(homaigaddahhh! first entry aii ni tau nyah! *clapclapclap)

Yesterday, my little brother, Irsyad was like so excited telling me the 'Tag & Freeze' game he played at his school. And me, as his 'kaklong' yang mithali dan baik was trying hardly to give my best response on what he said :

"Oh, yeke? Oh, macam tu kee? Habis, siapa menang? Oh, kalah. Oh, oh and oh.. Bla bla bla.."

What in the world is 'freeze' game? Kalau freezer dekat side atas refrigerator tu, tahu lah. Jatuh air muka bila budak kecik tahu what 'freeze' game is and i yang currently taking degree ni taktahu (malu aii bedah!). So, I tanya my roomate, if she knows what it is. And she just simply geleng-geleng kepala. Once roomate dah geleng-geleng kepala, i started garu-garu kepala (it's not like my hair ada banyak kelemumur. siapa fikir macam tu, memang nak kena ketuk kepala dia. haha)

A few seconds passed by, "Ah, google je lah. Internet hari ni taklah sepondan mana. Speed pon boleh tahan laju."(fyi, internet connection UTP seems very slow macam snail recently. and i don't know why. sedih tahu, nama universiti punyalah berteknologi tapi internet dia... #facepalm)

School-aged kids are more complicated than us when it comes to games. And i've to admit. Haha. I tahu laa. I pernah jadi school kids for almost 7 years kot dulu. (angkat-angkat kening sikit. muehehhe)

"Okay, gotcha!"

'Freeze' game : You just moves around and do anything you want. Suka hati uolls. Iolls tak kisah. But the thing is, once the game 'taiko' said. "FREEZE!", you kena freeze. By hook or by crook. Who's moving will be eliminated.

"Okay. Baru faham."

And, i kinda remember, I'd play this before. Just maybe we do it in other ways. We're playing Treasure Hunt on that particular day. And, at each checkpoint, all the group members are compulsory to take a picture with their 'barang amanah' as an evidence that they're not cheating. The 'freeze' word is synchronize with the camera shots. Kah3. Serious merah padam muka macam udang bakar masa tu.

The balloon is our 'barang amanah' :))

[camera shots skek! lolllsss.]

* everybody looks soo joyouss even penat gila berlari ke hulu ke hilir cari checkpoint haha

*kumpulan mak dapat first place nyah!! Homaigaddd! Haha. (oh ye, ikhwan the blue shirt guy punya muka memang macam tuu pon. God's creation. muehehehe)

Till the end. Happy readings ...