Monday, 28 May 2012

Chasing the Silhouette

Salam. Hello the blinking earthlingss.

Today, programming class started early in the morning. I haven't been breakfast because to be honest, I feel like not to. Qila and Aten was asking either i want to join them for breakfast or not. But, i'm just not in the mood. *Geleng-geleng kepala and just passed by.

Sometimes, I forget that my life is not just about me, it's about somebody else.
Forgive me, Allah.

Thinking of going back to my hometown in JB on this becoming Agong's birthday.
(UTP cuti 4 hari kott! Sama panjang dengan cuti mid-sem break. Rugi kalau tak balik. Plus, angah is on school holiday now. Yippiayyee!)

I went for some silhouette shots with SabrinaMajid, the half-mixed Pakistinian girl. It had been a while.
*till then, i'll figuring out what makes me not in the mood today.

Have a good day :)

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